Apprenticeship Case Studies

Being an apprentice gives you the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification and develop professional skills, while earning a salary.

Click below to see what some of our students and their employers have to say about our apprenticeship programmes:


Kellie Hodson

Kellie Hodson - Administrator

Former Copley Academy Pupil

Kellie, a former Copley Academy student is currently working at Mossley Tax Shop where she is completing an Apprenticeship in Business Administration. On completion of her apprenticeship, Kellie has been guaranteed a permanent job at Mossley Tax Shop.

Kellie said; "I was given great advise and support from Tameside College from the get go, from helping me pick which course was suitable for me to guiding and helping me manage my work. My tutor Lori and boss Yvonne are amazing they are very supportive and are always there if I need them to help me with my work.”

Harrison Turner

Harrison Turner - Apple Display and Shopfitting

Former Longdendale Community Language College Pupil

Harrison, a former Longdendale Community Language College pupil chose to study on an apprenticeship in Construction, where he could build his skills and still get paid. After successfully completing the apprenticeship, Harrison has been able to secure a project manager role at Apple Display and Shopfitting.

Harrison said; “It was a really good three years for me. Anybody that is interested in starting an apprenticeship I would fully recommend the Tameside College route. I am really grateful to tutors at Tameside College for their support in helping me succeed.”


Lauren Beresford

Lauren Beresford - Stalybridge Post Office

Former Copley Academy Pupil

Lauren, a former Copley Academy pupil started her career studying as an Accounting Apprentice at Stalybridge Post Office through Tameside College. Lauren continued to grow in the role over the 18 month period and as a result, her skills and knowledge have expanded and she has managed to secure an Assistant Managers role at Stalybridge Post Office.

Lauren’s employer, Brenda Brooks said; “When Lauren joined I was delighted at her attitude and approach to her work. Lauren immediately suggested new ideas on how things were done in the Post Office. She came up with new ways of managing the gas and electric payments for customers, as well as how we handled our cash. She’s always willing to help customers when they come through the door."

Lauren also added; "I liked that you could earn while you learn with an apprenticeship and it has helped me make something of my life."

James Greenough

James Greenough - Mechanic AMG Cheshire

Former Copley Academy Pupil

James left school and applied for an apprenticeship with Tameside College where he was offered a job at AMG Cheshire Ltd - James’s dream job. After demonstrating his commitment and hard work through his studies James is now specialising on the light commercial vehicles sector at AMG and continues to hone his skills in Motor Vehicle.

His progression has been monitored by the AMG team as well as Tameside College who offer a follow up service to help Apprentices continue to achieve their goals. James said: “By doing an Apprenticeship it means that I can take on the majority of jobs that come through the door, jobs that other people my age don’t have the experience or knowledge to do. I learn so much every day from the other Mechanics in the business; it has really given me the confidence to be the best that I can be.”

Samantha Lowe

Samantha Lowe - Funtasia Kids Club

Former Copley Academy Pupil

Samantha, former Copley Academy pupil started her career by studying on a Childcare Apprenticeship. Sam was supported through her apprenticeship by Tameside College Nursery staff. After completing her Apprenticeship, Sam is continuing her studies towards a Foundation Degree in Early Years at Chester University and has currently secured a Managers role at Funtasia Kids Club.

Sam said; “Working with children was my dream job and my ambition, my apprenticeship helped me learn and gain so much and I loved every second of it.”

Nathan Burke

Nathan Burke - Marlborough Motors

Former Our Lady’s RC High School Pupil

After leaving school Nathan opted to pursue a career as a Mechanic. After applying for a Mechanic Apprenticeship with Tameside College Nathan began working at Marlborough Motors. Since completing his Apprenticeship, Nathan has worked solely for Marlborough Motors and helped his employer grow the business through his outstanding work ethic and commitment.

Marlborough Motors owner Alan Pickering was so impressed with Nathan he invited him to become a partner in the business. He said: “Nathan’s abilities stood out from the start and he has done so well. It was a natural step to ask him to become a partner as we have every confidence with his talent and excellent work ethic he could one day take the business over.”

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