Tameside College


Safeguarding what to do

Tameside College is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for young people, vulnerable adults and ensuring that action is taken to support them if any concerns are raised.

Safeguarding at Tameside College is about making sure everyone is safe from harm and we all have a part to play:

  • Tameside College - by providing an environment that promotes safeguarding
  • Staff - by helping to make campuses a safe place to learn and to respond to concerns
  • Learners - by acting responsibly and reporting any concerns
Students using smart phones. Stay Safe.

We all have a right to feel safe from harm - this may be:

  • Physical - being hurt or causing hurt to others
  • Neglect - not being looked after/cared for properly
  • Emotionally - being belittled or degraded or being made to feel inadequate by others
  • Sexually - doing sexual things that you don't want to do
  • Bullying - in person or electronically on the internet or by texting

What you can do

  • Not cause harm or offence to others by your behaviour
  • Not use social networking, mobile phones or other electronic equipment to cause harm to others - this is bullying
  • Act as you would expect to be treated - with respect and dignity
  • Enjoy your relationships on equal terms and on a basis you are comfortable with
  • If you are harmed or abused by others - report it to a member of staff