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Steel Tube Task

Steel Tube Task

Entry to Construction students were challenged to plan, design and fabricate a piece of work which would spell out Tameside College in steel pipe. The learners initially planned out the dimensions of the letters and split into two teams. It was clearly evident from all of the learners that this was enjoyable and some real leaders emerged. All of the learners participated in the project fully and completed the task of cutting and preparing the steel tube successfully. The groups then designated their own specialist team member to bend the tube to form a range of letters. During this process other members of the teams were busy threading and putting together other pieces to form the remaining letters.

The groups measured the wall space required using the numeracy skills that they had picked up and the individual letters were then fixed to the wall.  

Course Tutor, Ian Hall commented “I could not be more proud of the effort put into the project by the whole group. Their enthusiasm and passion was a real pleasure to see. Their commitment to the sessions was fantastic.”

“I think to sum up, the group showed great maturity beyond their years and it just highlighted the point, that given the environment to learn and the correct stimulus then this cohort can achieve. They may not have achieved their academic potential from school however, vocationally they are ready to tackle any challenge and they have proven this to be the case. I think the group deserve enormous praise for their dedication throughout this project.”

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