Bright Sparks

Bright Sparks

Ben Tucker and Greg Jennings represented Tameside College in the Regional Final of the BOC welding competition, which took place at the Maritime Engineering Centre in Liverpool.

The competition involved welding in both the MMA and MIG processes, producing four final test pieces in the allotted time frame of 3 hours. Competition was fierce and included contestants from various colleges in the North West, all gunning for a place in the final.

Although the pressure was high, Ben and Greg managed to produce the four test pieces within the allotted time frame. Both students just missed out on a place in the final however senior staff on the day commented that the welds produced by the Tameside College entrants were of a high standard. Ben said, “It was an excellent learning experience, I really enjoyed the pressure of the competition”.

Tutor, Steve Buckley, said “I am delighted with Ben and Greg’s performance and commitment during the challenging competition. Both students found the BOC welding competition very enjoyable and managed to learn some new skills”.

Greg comments, “The competition was very useful and helped me to gain a new experience. I also enjoyed chatting to other welders studying different techniques. I would recommend the competition to everyone”.

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