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New international project eliemental

New international project eliemental

ELIEMENTAL is an exciting new European Union research project aiming to find out what sorts of problems can prevent people from being enterprising. Tameside College is working in collaboration with Lancaster University Management School in this innovative project which is taking place in partnership with organizations across the UK, Greece, Romania and Poland and has been awarded £407,000 from the Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning scheme.

Eliemental is based on one of many findings from the pilot project Elie (www.elie-project.eu) according to which “People who would like to be entrepreneurial are often prevented from acting, because of barriers in their own lives or their communities”. Over the next three years, Eliemental will work closely with local groups of people to help break down social barriers many face in realising their full potential, develop employability skills and gain a new qualification in enterprise development.

Mr. Paul Lonyon from Tameside College said: “This is an exciting project which will definitely benefit the local community. At Tameside College we are committed to promoting employability; this initiative certainly moves towards the right direction and will allow us to assist young people in their future endeavors”. Dr. Carolyn Downs of Lancaster University said: “The Eliemental project is of great importance, especially amongst communities where people find it difficult to get work. Eliemental will identify invisible personal and communal social and structural barriers, and the effect such barriers have on potential entrepreneurs’ decision to get involved with enterprise. “.

The project will work in collaboration with research centers, universities, business organisations and companies, charities as well as Higher Education institutions. The Eliemental project will run for three years and will be recruiting people who have their own business to take part as mentors.

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