Student, then Apprentice and now Employee

Student, then Apprentice and now Employee

Anthony Hall has already been a student and apprentice at Tameside College, but from January 2014 he will acquire a new role: that of a full-time employee. 

Anthony was always aware of the College’s reputation and high-quality teaching, but he made the decision to join it when he attended an Open Evening as a school leaver. Anthony was immediately impressed by the friendly and professional environment. The College’s location was also really convenient, so there was nothing left for him to think.

The best option for Anthony was the Business Administration Apprenticeship: he had always wanted to experience working in an office based environment, he didn’t lack the needed business understanding and acumen, and had always had an interest in using software and programmes such as Excel and Powerpoint.

When asked about his expectations of the course, Anthony said:
“The course definitely did meet my expectations, I didn’t expect anything less! The quality of learning has been set at a high standard and I have developed personal qualities during my time doing the Apprenticeship. I have gained a massive amount of confidence since and this is a personal quality I had struggled with in the past.

“My NVQ assessor Julie McLeod has been a star! She always helps me throughout when it is needed. The colleagues I have worked with have also been brilliant, such as the people in the Apprenticeships Department, Driver CPC Team, and the Business & Leisure Department.

“The quality of equipment I have used during my time at Tameside College has been of the latest technology and best quality, so I would also like to mention a huge thank you to IT Services and Printroom for dealing with all my requests at a professional standard.”

Anthony’s colleagues, tutors and assessors were all very impressed by his performance and ability to learn quickly. As a result, Anthony has already managed to secure a full time permanent job within the Business & Leisure department at the College. He is due to complete his NVQ Level 3 qualification in January 2014.

Anthony added: “During my experience working at the College since September 2011 I have acquired and developed several skills in different areas. I think that my current role and the opportunities that have been given to me by the College will definitely help me develop my career.

“I have really enjoyed it so far and I hope to continue enjoying working here for the future!”

Anthony also features in the latest issue of the Citizen magazine (Autumn 2013). Have a look here:

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