Clean sweep for Bakery students

Clean sweep for Bakery students

On 21st March, Bakery students at Tameside College received first, second and third places at the BAKO North Western competition for their Crusty Bloomers. Judith Solotwa, Sales Executive for BAKO North Western visited Tameside College to present the students with their certificates and trophy.

Jack Stokes came first, Jess Heath was second and Stephen Wiles received third place. There was an official presentation to present the students with their certificates with Judith commenting; “I am extremely impressed with the achievement the students gained, and delighted to present the prizes on behalf of BAKO North Western.”

The competition celebrated 50 years of BAKO North Western with several colleges from the North West taking part. The competition allowed students to challenge their skills and compete against others.

There were two categories; the first was to produce a 400g Crusty Bloomer; and the second category was to produce four Fruit Scones. Tameside College students produced their Crusty Bloomers within the College’s very own Food Studies Bakeries with the support of the College Bakery tutors.

John Robertshaw, BAKO’s Technical Consultant who was involved in the judging process said; “It’s fantastic to see young bakers of the future competing to such a high level, they have made my job today very difficult.”

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