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College is host to French student

College is host to French student

Tameside College is host to a French student for four weeks which started 19th May. Hugo De Roissy is a University student from Quimper in Brittany, which is in the North West of France. Hugo has been working for departments across the College to gain experience and improve on his English speaking skills.

Hugo is currently studying Marketing and Communication, Law, Economy, Finance and Negotiation at the Technologic University Institute of Quimper in France. He hopes his time at Tameside College helps him with skills to be an entrepreneur and establish his own company.

Hugo’s first week at Tameside College saw him take a tour of the College and meet tutors and staff from across the different departments. Hugo described his first day as ‘a day of discovering’. Hugo then went on to work for the College’s Dovestones Department, where he learnt how to work with students who have learning disabilities and difficulties. Although Hugo learnt a lot in his first few days he was eager to continue to learn about what other courses the College has to offer, to which he spent a day with the Food Studies Department, learning about British foods and how to cook them. Hugo’s first working week came to an end in the College’s Marketing Department and School Liaison Team.

In the following weeks that Hugo will be at Tameside College he will work within departments such as: Finance, Principalship, Adult and Community Learning, IT Services, Reflections Restaurant, Human Resources, The Salon and the College Bistro. The range of departments will provide Hugo with a wide range of knowledge of Education in Britain.

Hugo commented; “In my short time at Tameside College I have learnt a lot about the culture differences between France and Britain. Working in the Marketing Department provided me with relevant skills and knowledge for my Marketing course in University. I am really grateful to the College for giving me the opportunity to work for the College and I am sure I will learn more as my time here continues.”

Gemma Haslam, Administration Assistant for Principalship and Co-ordinator of Hugo’s visit said; “Having a French student working at the College is a really good experience not just for Hugo, but College staff too. Hugo came to us with already good English so it has been a pleasure to work with him and show him how the College runs. We support French students on a regular basis, providing them with the opportunity to work for a large organisation. We wish Hugo success with his continued studies in France.”

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