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Students lead the way for prefects

Students lead the way for prefects

Public services students from Tameside College have hosted a ‘prefect training day’ for pupils at West Hill High School.

Level three public services students and staff put on a range of indoor and outdoor activities at the school to train the next generation of prefects. Activities included conflict resolution, teamwork with a blindfolded obstacle course, first aid and CPR training and a balance ball challenge.

The pupils were shown how they can apply the training to their duties as a prefect including; helping with a medical emergency in a classroom, preventing bad behaviour and how working as a team can be beneficial.

Andrew Dixon, public services teacher at Tameside College, said: “It was a great day for both our students and West Hill’s. The event worked well because our students learnt a lot about leadership and managing a team and the school pupils got to do something different and learn some amazing skills for life.”

Kate Jackson, Level 3 Public Services student at Tameside College, said: “They all really enjoyed it. I think they learnt a lot and it was also a good day for me because it’s not every day that we get to lead an event. It’s all good experience to put on my CV.”

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