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Students get creative with health and social event

Students get creative with health and social event

Teaching assistant students from Tameside College have hosted a ‘creative café’ event for students on the entry to childcare course. The event was designed to give the teaching assistants experience in preparing activities and allow them to evaluate their efforts after the event was completed.

There were a range of stalls and games dedicated to subjects including; social skills, networking, embedding teaching and learning and the human body. Many of the activities were based around taste and smell to enhance the experiences, with board games and quizzes that were designed for different age groups and abilities.

Each student was tasked to design their own stall and activity, with both students and staff calling it a big success. Hayley Barclay, teaching assistant teacher at Tameside College, said:  “The creative café was a perfect teaching and learning opportunity to showcase all the hard work my students have accomplished throughout the year. I really enjoyed watching it come together and the childcare students loved it.”

Nicola Hewitt, teaching assistant student at the college, said “The creative cafe was an amazing opportunity to show off the resources we had created. It was a fantastic way of us as a group to get feedback on our creations. We had a great turn out and I was surprised at how many people came to take a look. It was such a great event and I would recommend that student groups do this more often.”

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