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Bright sparks build electric cars

Bright sparks build electric cars

Local secondary school pupils have been practising their mechanical skills as part of the Greenpower challenge at Tameside College.  Pupils from West Hill High School and Denton Community College built electric powered cars as part of a national initiative to develop young engineers.  The challenge tests the pupils’ abilities to create a car using a sustainable energy source such as electricity.

Paul Wilkinson, motor vehicle teacher at Tameside College, said:  “We are amazed at how quickly the school pupils accepted the challenge. As well as learning engineering concepts the pupils work in teams to solve problems.  It demonstrates that motor vehicle engineering is as much about interpersonal skills as it is technical knowledge.

“This is the second year that Tameside College has run the event when the electric car has to be constructed from kit form.  Under the guidance of the college’s expert teachers the year 9 pupils built the car whilst learning about different systems such as steering, braking and power.  The schools will be tested in a regional competition where their success will be measured by how far the car can travel in a time trial.”

Paul continued: “The Greenpower challenge tests the pupils’ to think about the performance of their cars in terms of durability.  Electric cars are the future of the motor vehicle industry.  It is a great way for young people to develop skills that are very much in demand.  It is a great project that links lessons in the classroom to the world of work.”

Pupils showed off their work to parents and employers at a presentation evening at Tameside College.  They will test their cars early in September before competing in the regional trial later that month for a place in the national final.

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