Level 3 Diploma in Vehicle Accident Repair Paint Principles

Your Unique Experience

// 100% achievement rate

// Custom painting

// Demonstrations and visits from leading manufacturers and suppliers such as Devilbiss, 3M, Farecla ,Lechler & Colourtone.

// Internal competitions and awards.

// Hands-on training

// Excellent progression to employment and apprenticeships.

// Practicing with latest industry standard cutting-edge tools and equipment

// Interior and exterior S.M.A.R.T. repair techniques and demonstrations

Course Content

G0102K – Knowledge and Skill of Health, Safety and Good Housekeeping in the Automotive Environment

G3K – Knowledge and Skill of Supporting Job Roles in the Automotive Work Environment

PO01K – Knowledge of Tools and Equipment Used in Vehicle Refinishing

PO03K – Knowledge of Working with Plastic Materials and Components

PO0408K – Knowledge of Preparing Metal and Pre-Painted Surfaces

PO07K – Knowledge of Establishing Paint Defects

PO0912K – Knowledge of Applying Topcoats and Completing Refinishing Operations

PO13K – Knowledge of Vehicle Colour Matching

More than just a Course

There is no doubt about it, you have made a great choice to explore the exciting world of Vehicle Refinishing!

Refinishing is a vast subject given that almost everything that surrounds us has a coating of some form or another applied to it for various reasons, ranging from abrasion resistance to simply decorative effects such as custom painting on a vehicle.

Here at the Tameside Vehicle Paint Refinishing department we train and qualify students to refinish accident damaged vehicles, such as cars and motorbike panels, to a high standard. The unique advantage of this course is that we also train you and assist you in developing ‘transferable skills’. These skills easily cross over into other areas of refinishing such as Vehicle S.M.A.R.T. repair techniques, industrial spraying

or plant equipment, furniture painting and many more. The list is endless!

Course Format

Full Time 2 days + Functional Skills Maths & English.

Entry Qualifications

Level 2 VARPP qualification and/or candidates will be asked to complete an entrance assessment consisting of Maths and English and an interview with a member of staff.


For enquiries please contact the College on 0161 908 6789 or web: www.tameside.ac.uk/contact.

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Please Note: While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of these details, changes can and do occur. Government policy changes rapidly (particularly from one academic year to the next) which often has an effect on availability, eligibility for funding and the fee contribution required. Please confirm the course details when enrolling.