Level 3 Access to HE Diploma Science and Allied Medical Professions

Course Content

The Access to HE Diploma is a standard, nationwide qualification at Level 3, which is designed to enable learners from non-traditional educational backgrounds to go to University. The Diploma is made up of a number of units which result in a total of 60 credits, 45 at Level 3 and 15 at Level 2.

The programme provides teaching in biology, chemistry and physics. Typical units include:

Diet & DigestionOrganisation of the Body

Gas Exchange & TransportPathogens & Disease

Coordination & ControlThe Human Life Cycle

Biological MoleculesHeredity, Genetics and Protein Synthesis

Structure & BondingAcid-Base Equilibria

Introduction to Inorganic ChemistryRadiation and its Effects

The Human MachineHeat & Thermodynamics

Organic ChemistryFormula and Reacting amounts

Additionally there is a unit named Research Skills.

Some elements of the chemistry and physical science are moderately mathematical, and you would be well advised to brush up on basic maths concepts. You will also require the use of a scientific calculator, and it is recommended that you get one for your personal use and not rely on sharing with colleagues, etc.

Some sessions require practical facilities – these sessions will be held in the labs at Hyde Clarendon, and you will be given appropriate advance notice of when this will occur.

Course Format

Full Time – daytime

Entry Qualifications

Learners are required to have GCSEs at grade C or above in both English and Maths. Learners should note however that many universities have other requirements and often expect some work experience – you are advised to contact a preferred university choice to determine their admissions policy. Learners will also be required to undertake an interview.


Please note that successful award of the Access to HE Diploma does not provide guaranteed entry to UK HE programmes.

This programme is designed to provide students with a broad base of scientific knowledge that will be suitable for progression into areas such as radiography, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and similar medical disciplines, as well as areas such as chemistry, forensic science and zoology.


For enquiries please contact the College on 0161 908 6789 or web: www.tameside.ac.uk/contact.

Course Details

£3384 (May qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan)

If you are aged between 19-23 and you don’t have a qualification equivalent to 2 A-Levels, tuition fees will be waived. If aged 19 or over and do have a qualification equivalent to 2 A-Levels at the start of the course you may be able to apply for an Advanced Learning loan.

Learners who take out an Advanced Learner Loan to pay for an Access to HE course and subsequently complete a Higher Education course may not have to pay back their Advanced Learner Loan.

Course Code:
Access To Higher Education
Beaufort Road
32 Weeks
Tue, Thu, Fri
9:00 AM - 1:45 PM

19/09/2017 13:09:43

Please Note: While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of these details, changes can and do occur. Government policy changes rapidly (particularly from one academic year to the next) which often has an effect on availability, eligibility for funding and the fee contribution required. Please confirm the course details when enrolling.