Entry Level 3 Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life C&G

Course Content

The course will develop all four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Entry Level 3 will involve giving and asking for information and discussion skills in speaking, formal and informal writing and purpose and text features in reading. Skills will be assessed in three exams (1) speaking & listening, (2) writing paper and (3) reading paper.

Exams are externally set but internally marked before external verification.

Course Format

Full - time

Special Features

In addition to ESOL, the course will also cover maths skills and allow taster sessions for vocational courses across the college. There will also be directed self-study sessions during the week.

The course is free for learners under 19.

Entry Qualifications

Suitability for the course will be assessed through an initial assessment or though having recently completed a full Entry Level 2 qualification


On successful completion of the Entry Level 2 qualification you can progress onto a Level 1 ESOL. Other vocational courses may accept an Entry Level 3 ESOL qualification as satisfying the entry requirements for their courses.


For enquiries please contact the College on 0161 908 6789 or web: www.tameside.ac.uk/contact.

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Please Note: While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of these details, changes can and do occur. Government policy changes rapidly (particularly from one academic year to the next) which often has an effect on availability, eligibility for funding and the fee contribution required. Please confirm the course details when enrolling.