A Level Clasical Civilisation

Your Unique Experience

You will access the essential texts with tailored support from a very experienced Classics tutor

You will learn in a variety of ways, through discussions, debates, reading, video clips and written tasks

You will have the option of a study trip to Rome and Pompeii

Course Content

The course covers the following units:

The World of the Hero

Greek Theatre

Greek Religion and Philosophy

More than just a Course

If you are interested in the ancient world and like the idea of mythology- Zeus, Hera, Apollo and Athena then this may well be the course for you. This is a different type of history, one that explores civilisations which were in many ways different from own, yet the themes of religion, war and heroism still run deep in our current world. Explore the take on the true Greek and Roman heroes through characters such as Achilles and Aeneas. Understand and appreciate the big ideas that were circulating in Ancient Greece through tragic theatre, where there are elements of murder, divine intervention and incest-how did the Greek peoples view such issues? Explore the philosophical side of ancient Greece through an understanding of their religious attitudes, the importance of religion in society and the home and the roles and responsibilities of those of considerable importance.

Special Features

Trip to Rome and Pompeii

Entry Qualifications

Learners must have;

Grade 5 in English Language and 5 A*-C’s in various subjects







Museum Curator


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