First Year Graphic Design students and second year Animation and Computer Games students visited the Marking the Territory exhibition recently along with Art and Design Lecturer, Anne-Elizabeth Orton.

Anne-Elizabeth works under the name of ‘Glittermouse’ when practising alongside teaching. She has successfully shown and sold some of her work over the years as well as entering it into competitions in the UK and Europe. Along with her ‘Marking the Territory’ exhibition, she was recently placed first in the Newschool Graphics Category at Sundown in 2009 and she has also presented a multimedia drawing installation at an Art and Technology Exhibition in Helsinki. She is also currently studying a Masters in 3D design at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The exhibition is a visual and audio installation which is based on the theme of ‘Place and Shape’ and is staged at The Link Gallery at Manchester Metropolitan University. It is based on the work of Georges Perec and Marc Auge, and explores cities using video, photography and hand drawn digital graphics through projections and laser etched objects. A first year Graphics student, Gemma Wharmby, commented on the artwork, “I liked the laser cutting and it made me realise what was around me.”

During the visit, students interacted with the display via a new public participation project ‘This Belongs To’, which involves using cards to cast shadows in the projections and temporarily claiming the artwork as their own.

The learners were also given the opportunity to talk to Audio Artist Andrew Lemon who had a range of modified musical instruments that the students were able to sample. Peter Bardsley, a second year Animation and Computer Games student at Tameside College, said “I enjoyed talking to the Audio Artist and finding out that a Game Boy could be used to make music.”

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