Louis Lesaffre Cup

Louis Lesaffre Cup

Bakery tutor, Steve Salt has recently received the Louis Lesaffre Cup in recognition of his Bakery skills. The Louis Lesaffre Cup is a prestigious competition which puts the spotlight on emerging new talents in the Bakery world. This event selects the best national teams of bakers from all parts of the world, who then compete in the Bakery World Cup. 

Steve will be representing Great Britain along with two other bakers from across the country. Each team is specialised in a particular category chosen from baguettes and national breads, viennoiseries and an artistic piece. At the end of an 8-hour baking and bread making session, an international independent jury rates the bakers on three criteria: taste, technique and appearance.

Debbie Jo Fox, one of our students has also been selected as a runner up in the pastry section. Both Debbie and Steve have to attend training sessions over the next four months in France at the Lesaffre Baking Centre in Lille.

The teams will then go onto the semi-final stages which will be held in France. Only the very finest examples of international baking talent take part in this unparalleled event. There are usually about 40 national teams competing in the regional areas and the winning teams then go on to the final which is to be held in Paris in 2012.

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