Eco-Awareness Project

Eco-Awareness Project

Tameside College Foundation Diploma Art and Design students have produced an exhibition of work from a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where the students were given a chance to learn about David Nash, an internationally renowned artist whose work involves the use of wood. Nash always uses wood that is already dead and course tutor Christine Patrick thought it would be a great idea for the students to learn about Nash and other artists who are eco-friendly.

The text pieces in the display were a development of sketch/notebook work produced by the Art and Design students whilst they did the 2.5km walk between the Nash exhibition sites. Christine thought that it would be a good activity for the students as the route took them through fields and woodland. The students were asked to employ all five senses when they were sketching and to also write down what they felt and were thinking about.

The ‘When I’m Walking’ format was modelled on a 1992 piece of work by Belgian artist Francis Alys who is based in Mexico City. The artist’s work ranges from drawing, painting to video, photography and performance and has been shown in many art galleries around the world including the Tate Modern in London. What the students learned from researching Francis Alys is that art can be made from anything, even text.

A small section of literature and eco-friendly awareness information has also been displayed in the Library and Learning Centre for people wanting to learn more about this issue.

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