Apprentices go the distance

Apprentices go the distance

Apprentices at Tameside College have been praised by their assessors for adapting to the changing economic circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic. Apprentices had been affected in a number of ways during lockdown but their assessors have been quick to recognise their determination to succeed. This has included: using different technology to learn, managing their time to complete deadlines, juggling family responsibilities and problem solving.

Here are some of their stories:


Jamie Kerr and Jack Troman were both furloughed at the start of the pandemic. They have both responded to engagement from their assessors and have embraced the opportunity of learning from home by making great progress through the theory element of their course.


Faryal Raja completed extended projects and has met deadlines to produce a high standard of work. Sian Ravey has used the time wisely to complete all written work on smart assessor and provided any outstanding witness testimonies.


Eve Robinson, who despite combining a schedule of working from home and looking after her family has achieved all her deadlines. Her target to achieve overall distinction is met with enthusiasm and determination. 


Daniella Bamford, has worked extremely hard during these last few weeks, engaging in regular sessions with her assessor over the telephone and producing some excellent work.

Shauna Wright has brought her smart assessor up to date by sending lots of work. Shauna used to handwrite her units. She still does, but downloaded an app on her mobile phone to organise and send photographic evidence. 


Adam Goodwin's Apple computer is not compatible with the assessor software, so transferred all his assignments on a pen drive to send to his assessor.

Business Administration

Charlotte O'Brien and Annabelle Hayles started their apprenticeships just before lockdown. Both made a great start to their careers returning their assignments promptly and to a high standard. Annabelle even bought a laptop with her first wages to engage with online courses.


Adam Worrall’s positive attitude to learner engagement is reflected in speedily submitted work that is of a high standard. He fully participates with the Google classroom resources issued by his day release lecturer.

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