Practice makes pawfect for animal management students

Practice makes pawfect for animal management students

Ralph the shih apso dog visited Tameside College to help animal management practice restraint training.

Students at Tameside College had a practical lesson, where they learnt veterinary restraint methods with Ralph. The lesson included safe lifting to and from the table, plus restraint methods required for health checks and other procedures.

As practical work is an important part of the animal management course, this opportunity to learn real life methods will help prepare the students for their future careers.

Philip Pownall, animal management teacher at Tameside College, said: “The students learnt to conduct restraint methods on Ralph. This will allow the students to gain skills of restraint used within veterinary practices and other professional practices. The students enjoy working with Ralph and he will be making a return to the college soon.”

Carys, an Animal Management student added: “The lesson on veterinary practices and restraint training was really helpful. Our teacher was really encouraging throughout.”

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