Further Mathematics

Initially entered for an AS level, this course will typical be your 4th subject with A Level Mathematics being one of the other 3. A strong grade at AS Level will mean you are able to progress to the second year and sit the full A Level.

The course will look at more advanced mathematics that will prepare you for higher study in Maths, Physics, Engineering or Specified Computer Science. The course is extremely fast paced and demanding and will offer an exciting challenge to those who achieved top grades at GCSE.
You will attend 3 lessons each week that gradually unpick advanced core topics such as complex numbers, matrices and vectors. You must be very confident with algebraic manipulation and prepared to work on problems outside of lesson.

Once enough core maths has been covered we will move on to advanced mechanics. You will learn about energy and equations of motions whilst applying it to various physical set ups including successive oblique collisions and Simple Harmonic Motion.
AS Further Maths- 2 exams at the end of year 1:

- Core Further Maths

- Further Mechanics

A Level Further Maths- 4 exams at the end of year 2:

- Core Further Maths 1

- Core Further Maths 2

- Further Mechanics 1

- Further Mechanics 2
The course is incredibly beneficial for those wishing to study maths or physics at university. For those wishing to study at the best ranked universities, it is essential.

For those not sure about their subject choice at university, the course is still a challenging and enjoyable look in to what maths is really about and is suitable for strong mathematicians who enjoy problem solving.

Please Note: While every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of these details, changes can and do occur. Government policy changes rapidly (particularly from one academic year to the next) which often has an effect on availability, eligibility for funding and the fee contribution required. Please confirm the course details when enrolling.

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