A Level History

This is a full time study programme. You will sit an exam for 3 of the units and a produce a piece of extended coursework. You will sit the exams at the end of the course. that covers all the units; you must pass all the exams to gain the qualification. You will learn through a variety of teaching methods which will aim to meet the needs of each individual and accommodate different learning styles for example; source analysis, assessments, group work, presentations, projects, extended writing and interactive activities.

Throughout the course you will study 4 units in total. These include:

Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany, 1919-63

This module explores Germany's political history, from they fall of the Kaiser, through to the rise and consolidation of Hitler and the Nazis, finishing with the split between East and West. We examine how anti-Semitism grew and how racism took hold, making links between the past and they present.

Lancastrians, Yorkists and Henry VIII

We go back to the fifteenth century to examine the relationship between crown and commons during England’s most significant civil war. Brother against brother, betrayal, murder and accidental marriage; we cover it all as we explore the period of history that inspired Games of Thrones.

Extended coursework (3-4000 words)

In this module students are able to explore a period of history that interests them and develop their extended essay writing skills.

The Viking Age

We go right back to the eighth and ninth centuries as we examine the Viking invasions of Britain and consider the legacy they left. We start with England, fractured under the Anglo-Saxons and examine how hoards of Danish travellers, pirates and fisherman came to these shores and established a reputation for being violent invaders. We look at their culture, religion and social structures and how they were able to dominate and exploit Britain’s resources.
Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to participate in trips at home and abroad. Recent trips have included a visit to Auschwitz and Berlin. Guest speakers are often invited to share subject expertise with students. You will be encouraged to engage with the past through a modern perspective, making links between the past and present. A keen interest in reading is vital!
●  You will be assessed through examinations at the end of your two year course

●  The coursework module runs alongside your second year unit
On successful completion of this qualification you can progress onto:

●  Higher education degree level study in subjects such as History and Law

●  Employment- History equips students with many transferrable skills needed in the workplace

●  An Apprenticeship programme or higher level apprenticeship

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