Level 3 Media Production

Industry links to the BBC, advertising agencies and local businesses. These links include fantastic work experience opportunities.

Digital Advantage winners 2018.

GMCG – Greater Manchester Colleges Group winners 2018.

BJL group completion winners 2018.

ALPS Value Added Outstanding 2018.

100% Achievement 2018.

This two year course in Creative Digital Media will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to get into the media industry. If you’re set on a career as camera operator, sound recordist, vision mixer, editor, director or anything to do with television production, corporate video production, film, music video, marketing, page layout or photography then this is the perfect course for you. The course is split into units that will teach you how the industry works and more importantly, the hands-on production skills that you will need.

During the course you will use the latest industry standard digital equipment to produce your work. If you have some experience of video production from school or you like using video at home, this course will build on what you already know. It is also important to recognise that this experience is not a compulsory entry requirement for the course. You will be involved in subjects that will help you specialise for your chosen career path or passion and enthusiasm for the media industries.
You will complete this course as a multi-disciplined, multi-skilled individual who can confidently integrate into a variety of different media industries. You will have the confidence and motivation to sell your ideas to the most influential media companies and your skills will be to a professional standard. From planning and research to bringing your ideas to life in a variety of creative work this course offers a unique experience.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to plan and storyboard, shoot and edit video and photos to industry standard. You will be involved in subjects that will help you specialise for your chosen career in the creative industries or study at a higher level. You will have the opportunity to attend various media trips and visits, work on live assignment briefs for ‘real’ clients and be involved in the college’s creative collective where you will work on projects in collaboration with learners from different subject areas. Our facilities boast a TV studio, radio facilities and a large collection of digital equipment, including a range of high end DSLR cameras. Lessons are delivered in Mac Suites equipped with editing and digital manipulation software and double monitors. Support with your next steps is delivered through a unit of assessed work on the course and as a result of this trips, visits and external lectures form a valuable tool for learners to inform their future decisions.
You are required to have 4 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English and/or Maths.

No previous experience of video production is necessary; however a keen interest in the production process is beneficial.
There are no exams on this course, instead, you will produce coursework assignments and work on projects to achieve your grades. Your work for each part of the course will be given a grade of Distinction, Merit or Pass. This course is fast paced and you will be working on two creative projects and any given time. This method of working will challenge and develop your creative and work skills.
●  Some of our learners go straight from their Level 3 course to the media industry confidently and work as a runner, production assistant or social media manager.

●  Many of our learners go onto higher education courses such as media production, radio production, graphic design or film production.

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