Applied Psychology (Vocational A Level)

During this course you will study 4 units, 3 of which are mandatory and 1 which is optional. The mandatory content allows you to concentrate on the development of your knowledge and understanding of psychology, as well as the application of skills that are important in psychology, over an extended period.

Mandatory units:

Unit 1: Psychological Approaches and Applications

Unit 2: Conducting Psychological Research

Unit 3: Health Psychology
Have you ever wondered why some people develop mental disorders, whilst others don’t? Why those convicted of crime and sent to prison return to society reformed, whilst others go on to commit further crime? Psychology attempts to examine questions such as this; it is a fascinating science with cutting edge research that has many real-world applications.

Understanding human behaviour can help address many of the problems and issues in society today, such as crime, reliability of eye-witness testimony, treatment of psychological disorders, and brain recovery after trauma.

Psychology will complement just about any other subject. Students who study psychology often also study Biology, Geography, Sociology, Business, English, and Maths.

In comparison to A Level Psychology, the vocational equivalent allows students to complete internally assessed coursework that will contribute to the overall grade.
The overall entry requirements for Vocational A Levels is 5 GCSEs grade 4-9 including Maths OR English.
Units 1 and 3 will be assessed externally with written examinations. Other units will be assessed internally through assignment and investigation work.
This qualification carries UCAS points and is recognised by higher education providers as contributing to admission requirements to many relevant applied psychology courses.

This course will also allow you to further your education through degree courses in related fields such as medicine, health, education, social care and sport.

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