A Level Sociology

This is an A Level course to be taken alongside another two subjects. The course is externally assessed at the end of the two year programme and includes three papers, each two hours long. The exams include a mixture of short answer and extended writing questions.

You will learn a number of skills including the use of evidence to support your arguments, how to investigate facts, and critical thinking. It is relevant to the society you live in so you are bound to enjoy learning about topics that are relevant to everyday life; plus is opens the door to a range of interesting careers.

Throughout the course you will study the following topics:

Families and Households


Theory and Methods

Crime and Deviance

Beliefs in Society
As the most popular choices for A Level, sociology offers an engaging and effective introduction into British society.

If you enjoy debating key issues within society, including the causes of criminality and educational failure then this is the course for you. Sociology offers a diverse range of learning opportunities including lessons that allow for a large amount of discussion and opportunities to debate relevant issues within society today.

Lessons allow you as students to address current affairs which are continuously highlighted to you through your use of social media and the internet. Being aware of up to date issues within society will enable you to develop thorough understanding into aspects of society which impact social groups, including gender differences, social class, ethnic diversity and age.
Minimum A Level entry including 5 GCSEs, level 4-9. This includes English.
This course is assessed externally including three examinations, each worth 80 marks lasting two hours per paper.
Possible career options include Higher education.

Taking sociology at university can give you a whole host of exciting career options including:

- Social work

- Law

- Journalism

- Policing

- Marketing

- Teaching

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