Apprenticeship Standard Food And Drink Process Operator Level 2

This occupation is found in the food and drink manufacturing sector.

Companies range in size, from small to large. They may produce one type of food and drink product or a range of products. Products may include biscuits, cakes, confectionery, fresh fruit, ready-to-eat and ready-to cook food, sandwiches, salads, soft drinks, and wraps.

Process operators typically work on production lines within food and drink manufacturing businesses.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to complete food and drink processing procedures to contribute to the manufacture of safe and compliant food products. They support technical operators to complete start up, set up, line changeovers, and shut down of food and drink production lines and machinery.

Detailed job description

●  Follow food and drink production SOPs.

●  Apply product quality assurance SOPs.

●  Scan control, monitor and rotate stock.

●  Check and use tools and operate equipment and machinery.

●  Clean tools, equipment or lines.

●  Comply with food safety regulations and procedures.

●  Comply with health and safety regulations and procedures.

●  Comply with environmental and sustainability regulations and procedures. Identify and segregate resources for reuse, recycling and disposal.

●  Be aware of characteristics and properties of food and drink products: ambient, frozen, fresh, chilled, confectionery, liquid. Handling requirements and the effects of external influences.

●  Identify and resolve issues. Report issues.

●  Apply basic continuous improvement techniques.

●  Apply fault-finding and problem-solving techniques to common problems.

●  Collect and interpret information.

●  Follow work instructions - verbal or w
Attending Tameside College weekly for learning one day a week and also reviewed and assessed in the workplace with a partnership with the employer
No formal entry requirements needed, maths and English ideally required at Functional Skills Entry 3 or GCSE 2.
Duration of apprenticeship

Employed for 12-15 months, 12 months of working and completing assigned college work/observations in the workplace. 3 months to complete your exams which will gain you your level 2 qualification.

Exams will include

●  Multiple choice test, 90-minute duration.

●  Practical observation, 2-hour observation of the apprentice in the working environment with questions prompt along the way.

●  Interview, underpinned by a portfolio of evidence created by you throughout your 18 months.

●  Apprentices must have achieved English and mathematics Level 1 and taken the tests for Level 2.
Potential progression to higher apprenticeships in operations or even within a management role. You could also branch into engineering apprenticeships as it is within a similar field.

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