Enrolment at Tameside College 2021/22

16-18 year olds

Apply online before Thursday 19th August:

You will receive a written invitation in the post to attend enrolment between Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th August. All enrolments for Tameside College will take place at the Beaufort Road campus.

All Tameside College students, including those who will study at Tameside One, will enrol at Beaufort Road. During your visit you will meet teachers to make sure you are on the right course, at the right level with the right support.

Tameside College 16-18 Enrolment

We have designed Enrolment 2021 to be as safe as possible and ask you to do the following things:

  • Prepare for your visit by bringing key pieces of information with you, such as examination results
  • Read the ‘Keeping Enrolment Safe’ leaflet
  • Keep your appointment: It is important that you keep to your appointment at the date and time listed in your letter. To help us manage social distancing, we have limited the number of invitations to enrol at college every hour. By keeping to your appointment we can ensure the safety of the event.
  • If you are unable to attend enrolment at the time and date listed above, please email our admissions team who will arrange a new appointment for you: admissions@tameside.ac.uk

Starting your enrolment from Thursday 12th August:

  • Before GCSE results day on Thursday 12th August we will send you a link by email to upload a passport style photograph. This is for your membership card and student record. There will also be a link to make a bursary application.
  • A place at Tameside College is guaranteed for you. Our admissions and guidance team is available to answer any questions about results, entry criteria and support your enrolment: admissions@tameside.ac.uk

The term will start week commencing 6th September. You will receive further information about induction when you complete your enrolment.

We look forward to meeting you.

19+ Adults

Apply online before Thursday 19th August:

To enrol on a course this autumn it is really important that you apply online on our website.

Search for the course you are interested in and and click the apply online button.

Once we have received your application you will be sent an invitation to book an enrolment appointment.

Visit college on the date and time you have chosen to complete your enrolment.

Tameside College Adult Enrolment