Tameside College


About Aspirations

At Tameside College the provision for learners with complex and moderate learning difficulties and/or disabilities is based within Aspirations.

Aspirations Dovestones Building is a state of the art department with a wide range of specialist facilities to meet the needs of our learners. The building incorporates an accessible IT suite, accessible life skills room, accessible independent living skills room, multi-sensory room, specialist teaching areas and a sensory garden. We offer our learners the opportunity to learn in an inclusive educational environment.

Because we are a department within a large FE College, our learners benefit from accessing a wide range of vocational areas, these include the college greenhouse, motor vehicle, construction, sports hall, gym, and catering. In addition we work closely with Active Tameside Medlock, who provide after college provision twice weekly.


Aspirations Study Programmes

At Aspirations, learners work towards the skills they need to participate in the wider community and where appropriate, the world of work. Aspirations offer yearly personalised and flexible programmes of study, supporting learners with a wide range of abilities. Learners work towards externally recognised qualifications from City & Guilds at Entry Level 1. Learners will work towards improving communication and number skills and may complete a Maths, English and IT functional skills qualification at an appropriate level.

Each learner at Aspirations will have an individual learning plan to assist them to develop the skills needed for adulthood and independence. Every learner will have a personal tutor and a key worker. Each learner has a person centred annual EHCP review where progress and support is monitored and reviewed alongside parents and other professionals that may be involved.

All learners have a personal, flexible, learner centred timetable designed to meet the needs of the individual, their interests and long term goals are considered. Timetables are presented in a manner that makes it possible for each learner to understand what the day holds for them, whether that involves the use of pictures, symbols or words. Learners can access the following programmes:

Multi-Sensory Study Programmes

Aspirations for Choice & Preference

RARPA Individual Study Programmes and/or City & Guilds Award in Personal Progress.

Learning through the senses, for those who are learning between P levels 2 & 6. This is a curriculum through which the student can explore, respond to and interpret the world. Sensory based activities can help to decrease self-engagement behaviours, promote communication and personal engagement, teach cause and effect, make choices and have fun.

Individualised study programme to match EHCP requirements. Sessions could include –  Sensology, Tacpac sessions, drama, music, art, developing movement, IT, cooking, communication and sport.

 Acquisition, maintenance, rehearsal and development of the following skills:

  • Making choices and expressing preferences.
  • Effective communication strategies and skills.
  • Awareness of self, environment and community and strategies to control self and environment.
  • Acquire self-esteem and confidence.
  • Skills for supported living.

Supported Living Study Programmes

Aspirations for Communication and Steps to Independence

RARPA Individual Study Programmes and/or Certificate in Personal Progress - Entry Level 1

Individualised study programme to match EHCP requirements for SLD learners who are learning between P level 5 to Entry Level 1, this programme supports learners in developing effective total communication and functional independence skills who can progress at their own rate with individual learning targets based around communication and independent practical activities and work skills.

Sessions could include – life skills, everyday skills, sport, art, swimming, yoga, horticulture, community, enterprise, maths, English, IT.

Acquisition, rehearsal, progression and extension of:

  •  Effective communication skills and strategies.
  • Choice making skills and expression of preference for existing and future daily life options.
  • Practice and gain proficiency developing skills for the workplace.
  • Develop self-esteem and confidence.
  • Skills for supported living.
  • Participate in enterprise projects.

Supported Independence Study Programmes

Aspirations for Steps to Independence

Working towards a Diploma in Personal Progress - Entry Level 1

Individual study programmes to match EHCP requirements for SLD/MLD learners working at P level 8 and Entry level 1/2, who can progress at their own rate with individual learning targets based around independence skills, practical activities and work skills including placement. Learners can achieve Award in Personal Progress (yr1), Certificate in Person progress (yr 2) and Diploma in Personal Progress (yr3) at Entry level 1. Dedicated English and Maths incorporated at Milestones 7/8 or Entry level1, with option to sit functional skills assessments at Entry level 1 as appropriate.

N.B. – in order to tailor to individuals can be ‘fast tracked’ to complete in less than 3 years and progressed to Aspirations to Independence. (Aspirations Victoria).

Sessions could include - maths, English, IT, work experience, independent living skills, art, sport, drama, accessing the community, enterprise projects, water workout, Duke of Edinburgh, Coffee Shop café.

Acquisition, rehearsal, progression and development of:

  • Cultivate independent travel and living skills.
  • Cultivate work skills and experience work placements in a variety of locations/jobs.
  • Develop and extend effective communication skills.
  • Develop and extend numeracy skills.
  • Develop and extend ICT skills.
  • Participate in and develop enterprise projects.