Students contribute to national wellbeing study

Students contribute to national wellbeing study

Tameside College staff and students took part in a wellbeing research programme in partnership with the Association of Colleges recently.

The report ‘improving mental wellbeing in colleges through physical activity’, published by the Association of Colleges, highlights the positive impact of sport and fitness has on mental health.  The study of further education students from across the UK, including Tameside College, revealed that 70% of participants who had an increase in activity levels had a positive change in their scores. 

Students cited increased confidence, improved attendance, increased energy, making new friends as outcomes from taking part in more physical activity.

Julia Kelly, tackling inactivity lead at Tameside College, said: "Tameside College is committed to delivering a wide and inclusive programme of sporting, physical and outdoor activities.  We were delighted to be invited to take part in the research project.  The evidence shows us how important taking part in physical activity for all our learners.  The results make us even more determined to develop a diverse range of activities to meet the needs of our students."

Click here to read a full copy of the report.

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