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Equality and Diversity Success

Equality and Diversity Success

Members of staff at Tameside College were recently the first to study on a Level 4 Equality and Diversity course. Elaine McDermott, Brian Greene and Janet Entwisle passed with flying colours and were thrilled to receive their certificates after the ten week course.

The course involved topics such as employment law and managing Equality and Diversity in an organisation. After all the studying they were required to write an assignment covering the following 3 criteria:
• Review the existing culture in relation to Equality and Diversity
• Develop activities to implement Equality and Diversity.
• Ongoing management of Equality and Diversity

Elaine, who works in Exams at the college, said “I decided to do the course because I would like to progress further at the College and I saw this qualification as a way forward for me.”

Brian is a tutor for Entry Level Citizenship, and commented “The qualification means that as my role as an Equality and Diversity Champion for the college I have a greater understanding of the colleges implementation of Equality and Diversity and it will greatly enhance my understanding of my role.”

Janet added, “I attended the ten week course to help me in my role as an Equality and Diversity Champion for the Dovestone’s department. I have enjoyed the course which enabled me to further understand the complexities of Equality and Diversity and like most things it’s not as simple as you would first think. The session I particularly enjoyed was at the employment tribunal, where we were fortunate to see a whole case, through to the consequences for the company for not following the correct protocol and not keeping good clear records.”

The members of staff enjoyed the course and felt that it gave them a better understanding of employment law and the importance of Equality and Diversity in the workplace. Thanks to Elaine Worthington’s great teaching the sessions were interesting and enjoyable.

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