“Be the Best You Can Be” - Newbridge School

“Be the Best You Can Be” - Newbridge School

Newbridge School in Oldham recently held a Careers week where the children were encouraged to think about the careers they would like to pursue when they leave school. The idea behind the week was 'Be the best you can be' and to give the pupils a real hands on experience of what skills they might need.

As part of the week, math’s students from the school paid a visit to Tameside College’s Travel and Tourism Department, experiencing a day in the life of a Retail Travel Agent and a member of the Cabin Crew.

Students had the opportunity to work in Tameside Travel, looking at holidays on the reservation system and calculating prices for holidays they had researched. Two of the Tameside Travel Trainees took the pupils through a variety of role play situations to help them understand the duties of a travel agent and the mathematical knowledge involved.

The pupils also visited the ‘Plane’ classroom which is mocked up like the inside of an aero plane and kitted out with oxygen masks, seats and trolleys. Students had a turn at simulating flight crew roles including in flight safety demonstrations and serving refreshments in the cabin.

The students had a really enjoyable week and learnt a wide range of new, practical skills. Teacher, Richard Monaghan commented, “We had a lot of positive feedback from the project and hope to work in association with Tameside College again soon.” 

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