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The Great Egg Drop Challenge

The Great Egg Drop Challenge

BTEC National Diploma in Business students recently took part in an Exploring Team Development Activity at Tameside College.
The Great Egg Drop Challenge is a team building activity that involves collaboration, problem solving and creative teamwork. The group were asked to build a structure out of ordinary materials to try and protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from a high elevation.

This exercise in team building can be extremely messy but it illustrates the importance of teamwork and the evaluation exercise requires everyone to reflect on how their team accomplished the task, what worked and what was challenging.
Exercises like this have provided the National Diploma students with a great opportunity to work with their colleagues and learn more about how diversity in the team is a valuable quality!

When evaluating the activity, the students realised that they are all individuals - some more skillful than others and this became apparent when faced with this type of challenge. “We all have something to contribute though and the realisation of this, for the students, was the main objective of this challenge,” says lecturer Diane Greaves.
Catherine Rainey commented, “Our team was mint and the egg was a trooper!”
Amirul Islam said, “The activity was very useful as it improved my team working skills. It was very competitive but it was fun.”

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