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Fashion Competition

Fashion Competition

Tameside College Fashion students are entering the Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD) competition again this year, which started with a visit to the V & A Museum in London to attend the competition briefing.

FAD is a creative charity that supports young people and aims to bridge the gap between education and the fashion industry. They specialise in running professional fashion workshops and competitions for 13 to 25 year olds, working with creative young people throughout their education from secondary school and college to university.

Fashion student, Nathan O’Brien said, “The visit was such an amazing opportunity handed to me, I really believe it’s a starting block to a promising career for anyone who has the chance”.

During the visit the students also took the opportunity to gather some research from the galleries by studying the ceramics, glass and jewellery on display and gain inspiration for the design of their garment.

Next on the agenda for the students will be to produce the first prototype of their garment during workshops based at Salford University. Many colleges from Greater Manchester will be competing and the chosen semi finalists will have the opportunity to design and produce their final garment at one of the leading universities in London. The overall winner will be announced in the summer and the garments produced will be modelled during the 2011 London Fashion Week.

Fashion student, Aimie Davies commented, “The V & A Museum was inspirational, I found many things to help me with my research. This is an amazing opportunity I’ve been given, I never thought I would have the chance to work with people in the industry”.

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