A Need for Speed

A Need for Speed

Tameside College officially hands over the first modified Motorsport Race Car developed for the three times Guinness blind land speed record holder Mike Newman.

Staff and students from the Motor Vehicle department at the college will carry out all the necessary work to develop a series of Motorsport Race Cars, each having specific modifications to enable people with a range of disabilities to drive.

The partnership was established between Motor Vehicle tutor, Neil Cockroft and the CEO of the Speed of Sight Charity, Mike Newman.

Neil said, “I first met Mike three years ago at a Classic Car Show and we have had a number of discussions about this project over the years. Mike is a very motivated and ambitious person; it’s great to be finally working with him on this commendable project”.

The Speed of Sight Team will provide the race cars for the students at the college to modify during their studies, gaining them valuable hands-on experience. The cars will then be used to provide people with a disability the opportunity to try Motorsports. Instructors will be trained to work alongside the project and a number of race tracks around the UK will hopefully be made available for use.

Mike Newman commented, “I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and efforts of the staff and students at Tameside College who have helped in bringing this dream alive. We are very excited about providing the first track day next year”.

A special thank you goes to Jen Pemberton, founder of the Network Fellowship, for funding the first car used in this project.

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