Tameside Employers Cash Incentive

Tameside Employers Cash Incentive

Tameside Employers: claim a cash incentive and make a difference to Youth Unemployment  

How does it work?
If you take on an 18-24 year old through Jobcentre Plus, who has been claiming benefits for at least six months, for 16 hours or more each week in a job lasting more than 26 weeks then you could claim a wage incentive.
What wage incentive could I claim?
For full-time work of 30 hours or more a week -

For part time work between 16 and 29 hours a week - £1,137.50.

I don’t currently have any vacancies can I still make a difference?
By offering a work experience placement you will give a young unemployed person the chance to gain valuable work experience, improve their cv and skills.
The wage incentive is still available if you take on a young person from the Work Programme, delivered by the private, public and voluntary sector to help individuals at risk of becoming long-term unemployed find work. Recruiting a young disabled person from the Work Choice programme also attracts a wage incentive. 

Wage incentives are available to private, voluntary and community sectors and social enterprise employers

For further information contact your Tameside Employer Adviser Team
Leon Tamcken, Claire Green, Deborah Winterbottom, Cath Thornicroft
Telephone: 0161 251 3233 or 0161 253 8270
Email: Leon.tamcken@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

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