Made in Tameside

Made in Tameside

Tameside College has launched a new promotional campaign to enhance its presence within the Tameside area and promote its students’ employability. The new campaign, featuring the tagline “Made in Tameside”, utilizes extensive advertising, print and online components as well as distribution of promotional materials across the borough.

With “Made in Tameside” the College celebrates the learners’ success rates and employability: an amazing 93% of our students went successfully into employment or further studies over the last three years. Hence the key message of the new imaginative campaign is the destination of our learners. This effort builds upon the high-quality courses offered in the College and features a variety of media and advertising components.

Mr Palvinder Singh, Interim Head of Marketing, said: “Each ad depicts a success story from our College; learners who have achieved excellent performance throughout their studies and who have great prospects for their future. This is a very exciting time for the College and we want to showcase our students’ success to the community”. Each advertisement will also feature some of our impressive success rates. To complement the new marketing campaign, the College has launched new courses and revised existing ones in order to capitalise on the existing labour market demand, such as the Advanced Apprenticeship in Social Media & Digital Marketing.

It is the goal of Tameside College’s new promotional campaign to show that young learners can invest in their future by choosing to study at a local college with important heritage and reputation as well as some of the most impressive success rates nationally.

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