Enterprise for Creative Arts

Enterprise for Creative Arts

Tameside College are pleased to announce the launch of a new and innovative programme for budding creative entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business or to develop their own product line or brand. What makes this programme unique is that as students develop their business idea they will have access to incubation spaces at the college to get their business off the ground in a creative and vibrant atmosphere with help on hand from tutors, business experts and peers.

Traditional degree courses tend to focus on the creative process with limited attention paid to how to make a living as a designer, craftsperson or artist after graduation. The focus of this programme turns that on its head, by concentrating on turning a creative idea into a viable business proposition.

Students will be supported to draft their business plan and learn about all the relevant legislation. As well as learning how to look for specific business development grants, students will also learn where to start selling their work or accessing the creative market place and will be encouraged to take part in art, design and craft sales opportunities.

Even better still, the students on the programme will have access to the extensive equipment within the college art and design department that may usually prove too expensive for a fledgling business to buy.

This is a unique programme with the aim of enabling artists, designers and creative people to make a lifelong career from their talents.

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