Upcycled fashion exhibition

Upcycled fashion exhibition

Tameside College students exhibited their upcycled fashion collection at Recycle for Greater Manchester’s Fashion Show in November, at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), showing that upcycled fashion is on trend!

The upcycled garments were produced under the direction of Tameside College tutor Jackie Roberts on the Level 3 extended Diploma in Fashion. Part of the clothing in Tameside College’s collection was sourced from Willow Wood Hospice, a local Charity in Tameside aiming to provide a better quality of life to those suffering with life-threatening illnesses.

Nine collections, eight stalls and two exhibitions all helped to bring upcycling alive at the event. Over 200 attendees, as well as 18 journalists and bloggers were treated to a variety of wonderful collections from upcycled designers.

Sheridan Hilton, Waste Prevention Manager at Recycle for Greater Manchester said: “It was a fantastic night that helped to raise the profile of upcycling to residents in Greater Manchester. We hoped it inspired people to think about textile waste and realise what can be achieved with the clothes they already own. It is collaborations like this, with Tameside College, MOSI, charities and upcycled designers that really help to support the important message of reducing the amount of textiles that are thrown away.”

Jackie Roberts, Tameside College tutor, said: “The MOSI event was a great opportunity to showcase garments which had been reconstructed from second hand items sourced by the students during their induction project at Tameside College. The process helped students to understand the importance of recycling and the effect that it can have on our environment whilst developing their creativity, sewing skills and design.”

Nia Plunkett, who designed one of the outfits said: “I am proud that my work was chosen to be displayed at MOSI. The project helped me to realise the potential of old garments and how they can be reimagined. I think it’s important to show people how things can be upcycled and turned into something new. This was a great educational event.”

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