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My experience working with Tameside

My experience working with Tameside

Aishat Balogun, from The East Manchester Academy, was invited by David Scanlan head of marketing to join the team at Tameside College as part of work experience. Aishat was at Tameside College for 9.30am on Monday 17 July 2017. When she arrived at the college, all the staff were very welcoming. George, who deals with the college’s social media, gave Aishat a tour of the campus. She saw all of the facilities that Tameside College has to offer.

Aishat’s first job was to look through their old prospectus and point out what could be improved from the perspective of a young person. Making it more attractive to future students of the college. Aishat also had a look at other publications to see what could be adapted to develop the prospectus.

Aishat also joined a meeting to help organise the academic calendar for both Tameside College and Clarendon Sixth Form. This was to make sure that no events were clashing with each other and to ensure there were variety of things on throughout the year.

This is only a small taste of what Aishat has been up to at Tameside College.

Aishat said: “I hope I will be able to help out with more projects within the marketing and admissions team for the remainder of the week.”


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