Bakery Challenge Success

Bakery Challenge Success

Tameside College Bakery students excel at this year’s Bako North Western Student Bakery Competition.

Bako North Western is based in Preston, Lancashire and has been established as a regional buying co-operative in the food industry for over 45 years. Each year Bako North Western hold a student bakery competition made up of a variety of challenging baking categories.

Tameside College Bakery students entered the competition and competed in the Battenberg and Cluster Cake categories.

The students produced excellent work and came away with first, second and third place in the Cluster Cake category along with third place in the Battenberg category. The winners are as follows:

Cluster Cake Category:
1st Prize - Laura Littlejohn                                    
2nd Prize - Georgina Simmons
3rd Prize - Stella Collins

Battenberg Category
3rd Prize - Fay Corrigan

First place winner, Laura Littlejohn, said “I really enjoyed the competition it was something different and interesting”.

Bakery tutor Bill Barlow said, “Congratulations to all the students involved, it makes me very proud to see them achieving so much”.

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