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Student shadows local MP at Women’s Event for #NAW2017

Student shadows local MP at Women’s Event for #NAW2017

As part of Tameside College’s celebration for National Apprenticeship Week, Megan Ribbon, a painting and decorating apprentice from Tameside College shadowed Angela Rayner MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Education to gain an insight into what being a politician is really like.

Megan, who is from Manchester and a former Wright Robinson High School student, successfully secured an apprenticeship with a painting and decorating firm earlier this year after completing her level 1 in painting and decorating. She hopes to set an example for women in the industry, so was thrilled to be invited to shadow fellow female role model, Angela Rayner MP to the International Women’s Event.

The International Women’s Event in Wythenshawe is designed to champion women’s achievements and provide an opportunity for women to network and share ideas on working together to meet the challenges women still face in gender inequality.

Megan, said: “I want to set an example for women in this industry by showing them the potential careers you can have in construction and not being afraid to go for what you really want. I jumped at the chance to shadow Angela because she is such an inspiring woman. Being able to shadow her at an event where we’re celebrating the achievements of women is amazing. I was really surprised to see how far Angela has come and hearing her inspirational speech at the event has made me want to achieve even more in my own life and career.”

Angela said: “I believe what it takes to be an inspirational woman for me is to do what you think is right, to stand up for yourself and love yourself for who you are. I’m proud of all those scars I have from my childhood and in my adulthood because it makes me who I am today. I’m proud of the fact that I’m the first Shadow Secretary of State for Education not to go to university because it’s not always about what you can put on your CV, it’s about what you do about the challenges you face in your life and how you overcome them.”

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