Work Experience

Work Experience at Tameside College

The best place for young people to learn what is expected of them in the workplace is by spending time in that environment.

Benefits to Business

Whilst there is a commitment from employers to support a work placement student there are some benefits to the organisation, including:

  • Recruitment opportunities and building talent pipelines
    Work experience placements enable employers to access a wider range of talent while also making a useful contribution to strategic talent management and workforce planning.
  • Fresh ideas
    Young people offer new ideas and ways of thinking, reflecting the interests and needs of the next generation of customers and consumers. Studying vocational qualifications, they offer knowledge of modern processes and current educational skills which are taught as part of their qualification.
  • Staff development
    Offering work experience placements can provide opportunities for existing staff to supervise and mentor a young person. This can help to develop their own professional and personal skills, and motivate.
  • More engaged workforce
    Providing work experience sends a positive message to the wider workforce about the values of the organisation. Engagement with the local community helps boost local economic development and can also lead to increased brand loyalty and profile, and in turn to greater profits

Benefits to Students

By taking students on work placement, you are giving them an opportunity to be engaged, inspired and informed about what working life is like. It contributes to the local community and gives the student:

  • First-hand experience of the workplace and different job roles
    Work placements are an important way for young people to gain insight into the world of work. Time spent with an employer can broaden their knowledge of industries and sectors and help shape their future career decisions.
  • Experience to build and strengthen their CVs
    Work experience is something employers value, alongside attitude, almost more than qualifications. A work placement can help break the cycle of not being able to get a job due to lack of experience.
  • Increased confidence and employability skills
    Completing the application process and taking part in job interviews to secure a work placement provides a valuable opportunity to practice and improve their recruitment skills.
  • Build Skills
    Through work placement young people learn the key attributes valued by employers, such as reliability, punctuality, enthusiasm and resourcefulness. They have the opportunity to see how their own skills and abilities translate to the workplace and develop skills specific to their chosen sector.

Want to know more?

If you need more information our Work Experience and Employer Partnership Team are here to help:

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