Study Programme

Students in Class

When you come to college we will create a study programme specifically designed towards supporting you and your individual learning needs. From helping you choose the right course to getting the right support through your mathematics and English classes, Tameside College is here to help you through your college journey.

Your chosen course

Choosing a course can be overwhelming after studying different subjects at GCSE. We’ll give you the help and support you need to find out what you enjoy, what existing skills you have and what career paths interest you.


Self-study plays an important role in your college life as you are expected to manage your workload outside of the classroom in order to develop your own learning techniques and independence.

Work experience and employability skills

Gaining work experience whilst on your course is essential to learning employability skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and decision making that will help with the transformation from college into the working world.


There’s more to college life than studying. Make the most of your time by learning new skills and making new friends through our wide range of enrichment activities such as sports, fitness and volunteering.


As part of your study programme you will be assigned a progress tutor who will make sure you stay on the right track whilst studying and help you settle into college. Your progress will be reviewed to make sure you are achieving your full potential and to match your career aspirations.

Mathematics and English

A basic knowledge of both mathematics and English is essential for success in any career and especially progression to university. All full time students will be required to take English and mathematics in their study programme if they haven’t achieved at least a grade 4 at GCSE.