Services for Learners

Student Services

Our teams of experienced staff are here to help you with anything you need to support your time with us at College:


Our Progress Tutors provide you with support and guidance on a range of subjects throughout the tutorial programme. They will review your progress and keep you on track with your course.

They will also help you reach your potential and support you with your choices for the future! Your Progress Tutor is here to support you to achieve your goals at College and should be the person you talk to about any problems or worries you may have.

Progress Tutors deliver weekly tutorials throughout the year on subjects such as “Staying Safe and Healthy”, “Preparing for Employment” and “Being a Caring and Active Citizen”

Progress Tutors work with you to ensure that you have a successful and productive time at College and if you are under 19 we may communicate with your parents/carers about your progress, attendance and any concerns that we, or you may have.

We work closely with other support teams to ensure that you have the best possible personal support and information available. Progress Tutors will:

  • Make sure you settle in to your programme of study
  • Make sure you are getting any support and help you need and resolve any issues you may be having
  • Monitor your attendance, progress and achievement on your course
  • Make sure you know about College policies, facilities, events and opportunities, including learner voice and enrichment
  • Help you plan for progression to further courses, university or employment
  • Ensure that all learners uphold the values and behaviors we expect of our learners
  • The Progress Tutor Team is based in the Student Hub at Tameside College and in Student Services at Clarendon Sixth Form Centre.

If you want to pop in to see us any member of the Progress and Welfare Team will help you or contact your Progress Tutor for you. Your Progress Tutor will ensure you have their contact details at the beginning of the year but if you have any questions you can also email us on:


next steps

Our careers team are here to support you to achieve your goals at College and to make sure you are on the right course to achieve your career aims. We will make you aware of education and training opportunities to enable you to progress. Helping you to make the right choices about education, training and employment. We will help you to overcome any difficulties you may face whilst studying and motivate you to succeed on your chosen path.


Our Learning Hubs combine traditional learning material such as books, journals, DVDs with our on-line resources. Through our online library catalogue you can find the resources you need for your course or just ask a member of the team!

Introduction to Our Learning Hubs

The College actively encourages our students to learn independently. All the books you need for your course, DVDs and magazines can be borrowed from any of the Hubs. You can search for books and other resources through the library catalogue, which is available below:

Reading lists

A reading list may be created for your course by your tutors or the Learning Hub staff. This list will include resources available in the Learning Hubs as well as additional materials to support you with your course. Your reading list will be available through the Learning Hubs Teams Team “Learning Hubs – resources for students.

What can I do in the Learning Hub?

  • Access computers and learning materials – borrow a book or journal to support your studies or use a computer to complete your work
  • Borrow fiction and DVDs – we have a wide range of fiction, graphic novels and DVDs to keep you entertained
  • Reset your IT password – bring your student ID card to the desk and we can reset your password
  • Top up your printing credit – if you have run out of printing credit, bring your student ID card and cash to the desk

How do I use the Learning Hub?

  • Borrow – Borrowing resources is easy. Just bring your student ID card with you and take the item you want to borrow to the desk. You can borrow up to ten items for a loan period of 28 days
  • Return – When you no longer need an item either put it in the returns box outside the Learning Hub or pass it to a member of Learning Hub staff at the desk
  • Renew – You can renew your resources by asking at the desk, calling or emailing us at or use Teams Chat.
  • Reserve – If an item you want is on loan to another learner you can call in and we will assist you in making a reservation.
  • Call The Learning Hub on 0161 908 6662 or Email:

Opening Hours

Current students can refer to Microsoft Teams for Opening Hours.


Learning Support

What is Learning Support?

  • Learning support may be available to those with learning difficulties/disabilities, medical needs or other barriers to learning. For example, specific learning difficulties/disabilities like Dyslexia/ Dyspraxia, Asperger’s Syndrome, hearing/visual/physical difficulties, ADHD, medical conditions
  • Our team will support you to make sure you are successful on your course and in every aspect of your College life!
  • The College offers a range of support which seeks to meet your needs depending on your learning difference, disability or medical condition. We are committed to removing barriers to learning and ensuring that each individual is empowered to reach his or her potential and gain independence

Types of Support Available

Support ranges from differentiated teaching and In-Class Support, to more specialist support including:

  • In class support
  • Out of class support either in small groups or one to one
  • Access arrangements to help in exams (if you are eligible for these)
  • Use of Assistive Technology and equipment
  • Communication Support
  •  Specialist software
  • Personal care
  • Lunch clubs

All support arrangements are determined by discussion and assessment with you, your teacher, parent/ carer and other agencies where appropriate. All discussions about the best type of support for you are “student led” as we consider student voice and your independence in decision making to be key.

Access Arrangements for Exams - If you are entitled to Access Arrangements you will usually have already had these at school. It is really important that we know about these arrangements at the start of the course. Applications for Access arrangements have to be submitted to the exam board well in advance and it can take time to provide evidence of your needs.

In all cases it is important to discuss this with the Learning Support Team as soon as possible.

Contact us

If you feel you need to access support you can speak to your Subject Tutor or Progress Tutor and they will complete a referral. We will then arrange to have a chat with you to assess your needs. If you want to pop in to see us any member of the Progress and Welfare Team will help you or contact us for you.

Alternatively you can contact:

Learning Support Team Leader on: 0161 908 6675

Additional Learning Support Coordinator: 0161 908 6884

EHCP and High Needs Coordinator: 0161 908 6786

Learning Support Administrator: 0161 908 6881

We work closely with other support teams to ensure that you have the best possible personal support and information available. We also work with other agencies such as:

  • Positive Steps
  • Speech and language
  • Sensory support
  • Physiotherapists



Our Progress and Welfare Advisors (Pastoral) are here to support you with any personal issues which might affect your time at College. Whether they are big or small sometimes we all face problems.

Progress and Welfare Advisors (Pastoral)

If you have problems at home or College or are feeling stressed or under pressure our team are always her to listen and help you manage these situations. They will also help you with any situation where you don’t feel safe!

Progress and Welfare Advisors (Pastoral) are here to help you overcome any barriers to your learning, these might include:

  •  Helping you cope if you are feeling worried, stressed or under pressure
  • Helping you with a situation where you feel unsafe
  • Needing some support with personal issues at home or in College
  • Helping you to identify and break down barriers to succeeding on your College course
  • Help to access services which can best support your needs
  • Support with behaviour and attendance issues

We offer one to one support and also work with lots of other services to help you overcome any challenges you may face

Keeping you safe…

We are also here to help keep you safe. You may hear this called ‘Safeguarding’ There is a team of Safeguarding Officers in College whose job it is to make sure you are kept safe from abuse or neglect. The Progress and Welfare Advisors (Pastoral) are part of this team.

If you/someone you know feels they are being abused or exploited (physically, sexually, emotionally or neglectfully) then this is a safeguarding issue. If you need to talk to someone about a safeguarding issue you can speak to your subject or Progress Tutor or any member of the Progress and Welfare Team.

Contact us

Our team are based in the Student Hub at Tameside College and in Student Services at Clarendon Sixth Form Centre.

If you want to pop in to see us any member of the Progress and Welfare Team will help you.

Alternatively you can contact:

Progress and Welfare Team Leader (Pastoral) on 0161 908 6767 Or email us

We work closely with other support teams to ensure that you have the best possible personal support and information available. We also work with other agencies such as:

  •  Positive Steps
  • Tameside Multi Agency Hub
  • Healthy Minds
  • Greater Manchester Police
  • You Think Sexual Health Team

We also organise events throughout the year to promote your health and well-being and raise awareness of many aspects of life, we arrange various events throughout the year. These include the Fresher’s Fair, Staying Safe campaigns, celebrating multicultural events and a lot more.


work experience

Work Experience

Work experience and enrichment activities help you build the skills you need for a successful career. From taking part in work placements or being a member of a college sports team, there are lots of ways to widen your experience.

Work experience gives you an opportunity to put your learning into practise and helps you to develop your understanding of the world of work. In some circumstances, work experience is a requirement of the course. Where work experience involves contact with children or vulnerable adults you will need to tell us if you have a criminal record and undergo a criminal records check. For more information speak to your Subject or Progress Tutor or any member of the team in the Student Hub/Student Services.


Enrichment offers a wide range of sporting and non-sporting activities throughout the week and with at least one activity available each day, there is something for everyone. Why not make the most of it?

For more information please contact our Enrichment Co-ordinator or e.mail us



Need course information or advice about money? We are a great starting point if you need some help or support but aren’t sure who to ask. We can help you find the information you need and the financial support you require.

Financial Support

Coming to College might not necessarily mean that you are going to be out of pocket. A range of financial assistance may be available throughout your studies.

If you are on a low income or are dependent on parents who are on a low income, the College can help you with the costs of attending College. The kind of assistance available to you will depend on your age and the type of course you are studying. The most common sources of financial help are:

  • Guaranteed Student Support Fund
  • 16-18 Student Support Fund
  • 19+ Student Support Fund
  • Help with Fees
  • Childcare Support
  • Student Travel Support
  • Free meals for 16-18 year olds
  • Care to Learn
  • Higher Education Access to Learning Fund

Contact our Bursary Team on Tel: 0161 908 6560 or 0161 908 6650 and for further information.


Safeguarding refers to protecting students from physical, sexual, neglect or emotional harm, preventing impairment of their mental and physical health or development and ensuring that they learn in safe environment including being safe online. Tameside College is committed to promoting the safeguarding and welfare of students and takes its moral and statutory duty to safeguarding students very seriously. The College endeavours to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment where all students are respected, valued and are able to recognise when they are at risk and know how to access help when it is needed.

For more information please contact our Safeguarding team or e.mail us