Student Mural

Student Mural

National Diploma in Art & Design students at Tameside College, are delivering a series of workshops for local high school students in which they are creating a mural that will be displayed in the College on the 9th of February 2011.

The mural will be based on the identity of Manchester and the research students have gathered on theories of place and space by French philosopher Marc Auge. National Diploma student, Michael Morgan, commented, “I think this is an exciting opportunity for us to experience the sort of things we will be doing when we enter the working world”.

The workshops have been organised by students over the past six weeks, in which the mural will be completed using ceramics, textiles, painting, printing and stencilling techniques. The workshops have proved to be a success and participating school students found themselves to be very productive and thoroughly enjoyed the new techniques learned.

When asked about the project, National Diploma student, Megan Ashton stated, “I found the subject intriguing and with enough information to keep the inspiration flowing”.

The students are inviting the public to view the mural between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesday the 9th of February at Tameside College, where you can enjoy the work of a new generation of creative professionals.

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