Tameside's Got Talent

Tameside's Got Talent

Tameside College Bakery students Fay Corrigan and Rebekah Simpson won an all expenses paid trip to The Callebaut Chocolate Factory in Banbury. The students received the opportunity to visit the world famous Chocolate Academy which is the global leader in the cocoa and chocolate manufacturing industry.

The students won the prize after competing in the California Raisin Competition which was held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. The students had to work as a team and bake in front of a live audience. This is the third time Tameside College has entered the competition; having won the competition twice and as a runner up.

The students baked with tutor Lorna Jones alongside other delegates preparing items such as chocolate brownies and chilli hot chocolate drinks. They also took part in the Chocolate Patisserie course which demonstrated their presentation skills portraying afternoon tea and counter products.

Tutor Lorna Jones commented “The opportunity to visit the Chocolate Academy was a fantastic experience. The course was exceptional and the trip around the factory helped bring the theory to life.”

Rebekah and Fay were nervous working in front of the other delegates, at first but once they started, their baking skills took over and they felt very comfortable. Fay commented “This is fantastic experience which I will remember throughout my bakery career.

The overall experience proved to be a hit as Tameside College once again impressed and exhibited the talent that comes from the college.

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