Passing with Flying Colours

Passing with Flying Colours

Tameside College staff will be showing their Art work at the MMU MA shows this year following successful completion of their Masters Degrees.

The exhibition is a celebration of work by art, design and architecture postgraduates from the Faculty of Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Irena Siwiak Atamewan, Photography Lecturer, will be showing at part one of the show which will be held on Thursday 29th September, 6pm to 8pm. Part one will include Fine Art, Media Arts, Textiles, Art as Environment, Filmmaking, Photography, and Landscape Architecture. Irena comments, “My work explores how we identify ourselves with the objects and things we accumulate and surround ourselves with”.

Annabeth Orton, Art and Design Lecturer, will be exhibiting in part two, opening on October 13th, 6pm to 8pm. Part two will include Design, Contemporary Craft Practice, Design and Art Direction, Textiles, Three Dimensional Design, Photography and MA by Research.

Annabeth comments, "My work for the MA has developed my conceptual skills and has directly benefitted my students by helping me to discuss more ideas and concepts alongside their practical developments. I was also able to arrange for them to visit MMU and they completed a brief 3 week product design project there last year. It has also increased my confidence with my subject and therefore in the classroom, as well as giving me an important reminder of what it's like to be on the other side of the teaching relationship”.

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