Cabin Crew students take cue from Ryanair staff

Cabin Crew students take cue from Ryanair staff

Level 2 Cabin Crew students and Level 2 Travel students recently travelled to Dublin to see first-hand the careful procedures that Ryanair Cabin Crew follow during a short-haul flight.

Travel & Tourism Lecturer Ruth David said: “The primary purpose of the cabin crew on all airlines is the safety of the passengers, crew and aircraft and it’s important for our students to understand the level of responsibility involved with this role. Although a part of the job is to ensure the comfort and welfare of the passengers, including serving drinks and meals, a big part of the job are tasks that, as a passenger you won’t be looking out for such as ensuring galleys are secure before take-off.”

Students watched carefully as Ryanair cabin crew went through their safety demonstration showing passengers where emergency exits were and how to use oxygen masks and lifejackets in case of an emergency. They were also made aware of the consistent high standard of excellent customer service that is required throughout a flight. 

Student Mathew Dadswell said of the experience: “It’s a great opportunity for us to watch professional Cabin Crew fulfil their duties and get a better understanding of the routine and responsibility that is required working for an airline. As we were flying over to Dublin, we got to explore the city for the day which was a great cultural experience too. All the Cabin Crew and Travel students are even more excited now to finish their course and take to the skies!” 

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