Return of the Tameside Hack

Return of the Tameside Hack

THE RETURN of the Tameside Hack was announced today at West Hill School.

After the great success of the first two Tameside Hacks, Tameside Council and Tameside College are teaming up to organise a third event, 20th and 21st February 2018 at the College’s Advanced Technology Centre.

The Hack, a coding competition for 12 to 18-year-olds, provides an opportunity for young people to develop their skills in a digital project environment.

Jackie Moores, Principal of Tameside College, said after Tameside Hack 2017: “There is a significant shortage of digital skills to meet sector growth needs so I was proud to be a part of the event and expect to see the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates coming from Tameside.”

The Hack is one of the ways Tameside Council has been fulfilling its “Every Child a Coder” pledge in addition to supporting the Code Club initiative and the monthly Tameside Coder Dojo.

Teams develop and display their skills to design saw websites, apps, games, programs and innovative and potentially lucrative solutions to real-world digital problems.” websites, apps, games, programs and innovative and potentially lucrative solutions to real-world challenges.

Local businesses are key to the success of the Tameside Hack, and this year Purple, Avecto and Brother UK have already committed to partnership. Manchester Digital will sponsor the “Best Hacker” prize, and sponsorship offers of any size are welcome.

Alan Harrison, head teacher of West Hill School, said: “To ensure that the young people of Tameside are able to compete with the very best computer scientists across the country and world-wide it is essential that they are given as many opportunities to develop and demonstrate the necessary skills. The Tameside Hack provides young people with an innovative, fun platform at which to do so and West Hill School is proud to host the launch of Tameside Hack 2018.”

Cllr Lynn Travis, Tameside Council’s executive member for lifelong learning, said: “I never cease to be impressed by the way the Tameside Hack has grown in popularity. The second one, held at the start of 2017, attracted three times as many young people as the first, and I’m sure the 2018 event will build on this success.

“The projects and presentations are very innovative and professional, and it’s good to see so many female students taking part.”

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