Digitally excluded students given a boost

Digitally excluded students given a boost

Tameside College distributes nearly 300 laptops to students without access to technology for learning at home.

277 laptops have been delivered to the college under the Department for Education’s (DFE) ‘get help with technology programme’, during the national lockdown.

The devices will now be distributed to students, allowing them to access remote learning, download teaching materials and research and improve mental health by staying connected to classmates.

Maisy, a health and social care student at Tameside College, said: “Thank you so much to the college and the DFE for providing me with this equipment. Up until now I have had to borrow a laptop from a friend and it limited the time I could spend learning. This will definitely help me complete my course.”

Gail Clifford, head of central support and enrichment at Tameside College, said: “The college is delighted to have received these laptops for students. They will be allocated to those who need them the most and will vastly improve their ability to learn from home. Being able to access learning resources and connect to classmates will boost students’ mental health and ensure their learning isn’t affected by the pandemic.”

If you’re a student and need help with bursaries or learning from home contact the student services team or call 0161 908 6600.

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